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Weekly Reflection & Planning Tool Week 4

Weekly Reflection & Planning (Week 4)

BONUS: Podcast Episode With Mark Nepo 

This is a powerful episode that shares countless nuggets of wisdom related to uncovering your soul's calling.  I have listened to this episode many times, each time unpacking new insight. I included it here to be used as an additional resource whenever you have the time - it's a great companion for a walk, bike ride or long drive. 

Reflection Questions for Week 4:  

1. Based on what you uncovered this week, how do you feel called to share and express your gifts and passions in greatest service to others? 

2. What vehicle of expression feels most natural and open to you? 

3. Who do you feel most called to work with at this time in  your life? 

4.  What is the wisdom you have harvested through the challenges in your life that have grown you the most? 

5. What problems or challenges are you most passionate about helping others overcome?

6. Throughout your life, who has most naturally been drawn to you for help and guidance?  Where is there a natural resonance or pull with who you love to work with? 

PDF: Weekly Reflection & Planning