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Building Your Soul Tribe Community

Building Your Soul Tribe Community 

Reflection Questions:

1. Clarify your WHY by asking yourself 5 Whys

Ask yourself:  Why do I do what I do? 

Then ask "why" to that" .

These are like stem sentences to help you get to the deeper core and your real why. The goal behind the goal.  What's this REALLY about for you?  Why do you do what you do?  

Repeat 5 times, writing a new sentence each time.  Just see what flows through.  

Action Item:  Once you have clarity on your WHY; make a short one-minute video on what you just discovered as your core WHY.  

2.  What lights you up? Complete these statements and write down as many answers as you think of for each one…

I am happiest when… 

I feel most fulfilled when… 

I am most proud when…

3. Reflect on your mission statement from week 4 - the simple phrase that communicates  what you do and who you serve.  Does this mission statement reflect your bigger why?  Refine it if needed.  

Leading With Your Heart Centered Mission: 

Conversations hold deeper meanings when you’re connected to your purpose.  This will naturally attract more like-minded people, building you soul tribe through genuine connection and authenticity. 

Passion is contagious. As you share your heart centered mission with others, they will feel your energy.  People will be drawn to YOU first and then your offering.  

Develop your heart centered mission in order to build a foundation for your business from a heart centered place; the first step is gaining clarity on what lights you up in your core.  When you lead with your heart both in business and in life the path shines bright in front of you; trust your passion, trust your inspiration, allow it to flow through into what you share. 

Visioning Your Community:

Now take a moment to reflect on what type of community you want to CREATE.  This is a beautiful journey of building a community by sharing your heart to attract your soul tribe family.  

1. What type of community would you like to be supported by?  Who are these people?  What are they drawn to?  What does your soul tribe look like?

2. What type of wisdom, lessons, information are you excited to share with this community?  

3. What does showing up for your community look like to you?