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Week 3 Breathwork Journey

Life Force Energy As a Divine Super Power

We have a dormant superpower that lives within the very core of our being. This divine creative energy is our life force energy, otherwise known as kundalini or our serpent energy, the divine feminine energy, that has the power to create life. 

Through the pairing of conscious breathing techniques, energy locks and creative visualization this creative energy of the Universe can be stimulated and awakened within. With practice, we can begin to consciously generate a current of electric energy within our nervous system that can be directed and channeled to activate our whole brain where it is even possible for directed neurogenesis to take place. 

In this hypnotic state, our brain enters into low-alpha brain waves where it is malleable and receptive to accepting new ideas and belief systems. It is in this state where we can begin to install new empowering programs into our quantum supercomputer and break free of old patterns that limit our world view and sense of self. 

So in this exercise for this week we will consciously begin to activate our “feel good switch” and signal the release of hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin that enable us to access heightened L.O.VE (Levels of Vibrational Energy) that have the power to move us beyond the limitation of our current circumstance. This circuit of electric energy can open new neural pathways in the brain, leading to better thoughts, decisions, actions and results in our life. 

Pelvis Floor Activation

This week we invite you to place your attention on applying a gentle squeeze of your pelvic floor muscles on the top of every inhale. This small addition to the practice acts as a pump to circulate your creative life force energy up the spine and throughout the body. We can use this energy activation technique to circulate your cerebral spinal fluid and feel good hormones throughout the body as you tune into your genius.

It may take time to get used to isolating and engaging your pelvic floor muscles. Take it slow and do not force it. Over time this muscle will strengthen and it will become easier and seamless with practice. This is also known as the Mula Bandha in Yoga. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Gently squeeze or pulse your pelvic floor muscles at the top of every inhale. 
  • The pelvic floor muscles include the genitals, the anus, and the area in between.
  • These are the same muscles that you use to hold in your urine. 
  • Hold the squeeze for about one second, then let go and fully relax as you exhale.

It should feel like a pulsing sensation as you engage and release the muscles. At first it can be a bit strange to engage those muscles. Just do your best. What matters here, is observing the feeling in your body after every squeeze.

NOTE*** It’s important that when you squeeze the pelvic floor muscles (or whatever you can) that the rest of your body is fully relaxed - this includes the abs, the legs, and every muscle. Try to only squeeze the pelvic floor muscles.