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Gaining Perspective & Refining Your Offer

Gain Perspective Through Conversation (7:20) 


The goal of these conversations is to gain insight and feedback on what you've crafted as your initial offer.  These conversations with your ideal clients can help to identify any gaps in the current structure of your offering.  You'll want to use the insight gained from these conversations to make small tweaks to continually improve your offer so you can best support your clients.  Often times these calls end with new inspired perspective, insights, inspiration and confidence.  

Inspired Action Items:  

1. From the list of Ideal Clients you made last week, reach out and schedule a time to connect with 3 to 5 ideal clients;  ask if they would be open to a short    15-20 minute conversation to provide feedback on a new offering you're launching.

2. Use the "Market Research On Your Offer" worksheet below as a guide for the questions to ask during the meetings.  

3. Record the meetings on Zoom; bring your curiosity and presence to every meeting and HAVE FUN with this!  Remember you're simply having a conversation with the people you feel called to help and support. 

4. After the conversation has ended, summarize the improvements and suggestions your ideal client noted.  

5.  After interviewing a couple ideal clients, review the summaries to see if you identify any trends, gaps or areas of improvements and then make the necessary tweaks to your offer as you see fit. 

PDF: Market Research On Your Offer