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Crafting Your Intro Video

Crafting Your Intro Video 

This week we encourage you to continue to take steps to share your offering and open the door for more connections to flow in.   As you continue to share content, more people will be coming to your page eager to learn more about what you do and what you offer.  

A great way to convey this message is through a short video.  We call it an intro video... this is very simply a video that introduces yourself, your offering, speaks to the value of the work that you share and ends with a specific call to action.   The video below discuss how to make this intro video in more detail.  

Inspired Action Steps:

1.  Decide which format you would like to record your video:

Option 1: Speaking to the camera directly  

Option 2: Using a slide deck and recording with audio 

Option 1:  Simply record your video and upload it to a video hosting site like (YouTube or Vimeo).  

Consider the following questions as prompts within the video: 

  • Who are you? 
  • What is your offering?  What do you feel called to share and why? 
  • What have you grown through that makes you so passionate about sharing this offering? 
  • What are the gifts you've uncovered that you feel called to share? 
  • Who is this offering for? 
  • What is your call to action?  If your message resonates with the person watching this video, what is the next step you'd like them to take to connect with you?  For example, a call to action could be to book a Clarity Call with you. 

Option 2: Update the slide deck template (link below) to articulate what you'd like to share.  Then watch the video below for guidance on how to record this style of video.  

Supporting Links: 

Link to the slides template: 

Slides Deck Template 

Example Intro Videos: 

Intro Video Direct:  Kelly's Intro

Intro Video Using Slides Template:  Soul Path Accelerator Intro

Link to Loom (the screen recording software) we will use to record the video with the template:


How To Record Your Video: