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Values Are Our North Star

Values Overview (7:38) 

Your Homework: 

1. Identify your TOP 5 CORE VALUES using the "Values Worksheet" below.  

2. Write your Core Values definition or Honor Code (page 4 of the "Values Worksheet") by defining how your values are integrated and lived in the different aspects of your life and work.  Put your honor code on your mirror or in a place you will see it everyday as a reminder. 

Contemplation Questions & Inspired Action: 

1. Of your top 5 Core Values identified, which value are you expressing the least in your work and/or life? 

2. How can you bring more of that value into your work and life? For example, if you want to feel more on purpose in your business, and connection is the lowest rated of your top 5 values in your work, then how can you bring more connection into your day-to-day work?  How can you open the door for more connection in your work? 

3. What’s a specific action that you are willing to experiment within the next 24 hours to do this?

4. Journal and reflect on the experience after you have taken the action 

PDF: Values Worksheet