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Message Resonance

Now that you are aware of your niche audience who you feel most drawn to serve with your unique expression of your gifts - your soul aligned offering - YOU (the observer) & Divine Creatrix are in flow to channel creative expression (content) that answers the calling being presented on your path.

Maybe you have already found that people are just start showing up in your life, unintended synchronicities or opportunities are appearing at your doorstep or you notice you are more tuned into certain conversations happening around you where you feel an inspired impulse (the inner call) to support. As you become attuned to the channels of the spectrum you feel inspired rise to meet during this cycle of can be supportive to reflect again: 

  • What are the conversations you feel naturally drawn or attuned to? 
  • What language is being used to express a burden you feel a pull to lift?
  • What questions around your content pillars do you feel inspired to answer with an expression of your wisdom?  

It is these whispers in the wind going on around you that are being presented as opportunities to meet with your MESSAGE. You feel the impulse in your heart to create a solution. This is how you effectively communicate your offer to your niche audience, signal their attention, and RESONATE with them. 

A good message uses the right CHANNEL and it resonates with your audience to build a connection using effective communication. You can picture your MESSAGE as a transmitting signal that rides the wavelength your niche audience  in resonance with through their needs, desires, language and pain points.

Come into Resonance with Practice

Just like with anything new, learning what messages most effectively spark a connection between you and your niche audience is an evolving process. A series of experiments. The key is consistency. 

There are different channels you can use to reach your audience with your content and it is important to find one that really resonates with your style of creative expression that you discovered earlier in the course.


I decided to run an experiment to learn Tik Tok because I liked the creativity the channel offered. It was a quest for enhancing my creativity and comfort on camera. Each day I called upon my inner child's imagination and inner visionary to channel in inspired ideas into form.

I ran a 30 day experiment of posting 2 videos a day that were 15 seconds to 1 min long sharing perspective shifting practices to help people see life in a new ways.

It started off messy as I learned to surrender to being perfectly imperfect in my creations. I was mindful of my inner critic and made an effort to stay connected to my inner child through the process. I quickly found myself in flow and thoroughly enjoyed the creation process which resulted in my channel growing to 1500 followers in 20 days. I share this because it was an example of the magnetics of joyous creation.

There was no stress or force. Like a Creatrix, I gave rise to the inspired ideas that came channeling through me on my morning inspiration walks. The ideas moved me first...light my inner fire and then I ignited it in the creation of content to be captured in a video without attachment. A natural cycle of receiving and giving.

I moved through a lot of self-criticism along the way and was compassionate with myself. This chapter really helped me find my true voice and feeling more authentic on camera. Many wins to celebrate along the journey!

Example video:

One day I went for a walk, that morning a ran into I guy and asked him how he was...he replied with a big smile and said "today is the best day of my life"...

That simple statement gave me a HUGE smile and left me feeling so warm inside... I felt the call to share the uplifting energy that this simple mantra had brought me.

On the same walk, I made a quick video sharing the story and asked, what if you made an effort to wake up each morning and the first thing you said to yourself is "today is going to be the best day of my life!" How would that shape your day? How would that shape everything you experience? Even hardships that arose along the way could be seen as gifts contributing to your best reminded me that everyday IS the best day simply because we are is only our perception and preferences that make it out to be less.

This spontaneous video quickly went viral and was my most watched video to this day 🙂 Share what lights you up and connect it back to your market message pillars you created earlier (for me in this example was "perspective shifts."


Resonate content increases awareness of a person's pain, problem and pathway to a desired solution to solve it. The mindset to bring into this is if you were to run into someone on the street that expressed a problem or pain point you have been through and have wisdom to help them get through it, would you do it? This person is actively looking for your help right now..

Social media can be viewed in the same way. There are people that are actively looking for solutions to their problems that your unique offering can help them resolve.

Turtle Stage Mindset

Shows symptoms of pain, but they don't understand what is causing it. 

Content to resonate with this audience effectively communicates and reflects the problem they are facing to bring more clarity and an opportunity to realize their problem.

To increase awareness of their problem, resonant content will describe symptoms of their pain clearly so they know you understand them.

The Hare

A state of not being aware of their problem. At this stage, our content helps to increases their awareness of their pain, their problem and the consequences of not solving this; 

Mindset: They understand that they have a problem and want to overcome their pain but aren't sure how yet. Your content should show them how your offering methodology is the bridge to the solution they desire.

When speaking to your audience at this level of awareness, it is effective to share your story about how you had pains just like them and how you discovered the solution to it. These people are still in the shadow state that you have already learned to grow through and now hold this wisdom to help them through. What process helped you move from A to Z? 

at this stage they may be experiencing symptoms or specific pain but they aren't sure what it is

Cheetah Stage

They have awareness of the pain and what is causing it and ready to take action to solve it. 

At this stage we create content to show they a VISION of what life is going to be life if they are free of their pain and have the solution. This is where we can also invite people to take action to move forward and start working with you.


To break through resistance around the creation of content (creative soul expressions). We challenge you to enter into your zone of Divine Creativity and create a piece of content that inspires you each day for the next 30 days.

This is a simple invitation to bring your awareness to OPEN your channel and ALLOW the creative life force within you to be expressed in new ways. Tune into your inner child and see what she is inspired to create! They can be simple, it is just a an experiment to create a healthy habit of allowing more creative expression into our life.