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Instagram Strategy & Tutorial

Instagram Strategy & Tutorial 

Below is an overview of our Instagram Strategy that will support you in growing your community.  The second half of the video is a tutorial which highlights some of the key features for creation on Instagram.  Allow your creativity to flow through and have fun with the creation process! 

Inspired Action Steps:

1.  Explore: make a list of the top 5 Instagram Content Creators within your niche that you resonate with.  Save some content ideas that inspire you within your saved folder. 

2. Identify trends: every week, there are new trending sounds on Instagram; the best way to widen your reach is to use these trending sounds (even if at a very low volume).  When you see a trending sound, save the sound (the goal is to have 6 for each week).  At the end of the week, you'll have a folder of the trending sounds that you can use when you create your content.

3: Plan out reels: Revisit the Content Wheel  to draft ideas of the type of content that you're excited to share that is relevant to your niche. For each reel, ask the following questions: 

  • What content pillar will this be for? (rotate between your pillars)
  • Where will I direct their attention? i.e what is the Call to Action (to read the caption? to DM you? to a Connection Magnet?)

4. Record Reels: Set aside a 2-3 hour timeframe for the week and create your content for the week integrating the different Content Themes.  Have fun with it!  Allow your beautiful personality to shine through.  

5. Write Captions: For each reel you've recorded, write a caption the incorporates some of the content themes (personal story, beliefs, value/process, handling objections, ect.). You can refer back to the Content Themes here

Invitation: We invite you to recommit to a 30-Day Content Challenge - this time sharing each beautiful creation on Instagram and building your community.