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Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation

“Don’t die with your music still in you” - Neale Donald Walsh

Reflect back on the exercise of gathering all the impactful conversations that make you come alive... the passion points that seem to bubble up inside longing to be expressed.

I invite you to think of content as a creative expression of your inner wisdom that makes it possible for your soul expression to extend your unique voice, vision and message to extend beyond your intermediate space and expand outwards to activate those who are awaiting your medicine, your soul song to move them.

With this perspective…let's dive into contemplating the 4-5 inspired content topics that will act as pillars for the blossoming of ideas to grow from.


What Are Content Pillars

Content pillars are the categories or topics that that will be the center point at the core of the content you create to share your message that you want to mostly be known for. You can think of your content pillars as the the core topics you feel inspired to create and would love to be known for.

You can revisit your toolkit from the methodology you created last week and translate it into your core pillars for your content creation and messaging. Identify 4-5 core content pillars that you feel inspired to share your wisdom around. These are the topics that you feel pulled or called to share as forms of creative expression through written word or vocal expression. 

Example Core Pillars for the Soul Path Accelerator

  • Breathwork
  • Mindset
  • Soul Purpose/Dharma
  • Creating a Soul Aligned Offering

People will begin to associate certain topics with you and associate you as being an expert on these subjects. Just like neural networks are formed in the brain, when someone sees your content their brain will begin to associate you with specific topics that they trust for certain information. Like a cosmic radio, you will be the station they tune their awareness and attention to when they seek trusted advice and resources. 

Everything you create will blossom into a garden organically around these centermost seeds of creation.

ACTION ITEM: Make a list of the top 20 questions that people ask you about the work that you do. This is a powerful reflection tool that can help bring more insight into defining your core pillars of creation.


Now that you have determined your content pillars that will support you in sharing your message, gifts and creative expressions, you can map out these ideas onto paper and blossom new ideas using the content wheel.

When it comes to creating content to support another it helps to ask what brings we joy to share that could spark creative insight and deeper clarity in another?


1. Pick your 4-5 core content pillars you feel most passionate to share

2. Print out the content wheel and fill out the inner and outer sections will your seeds of creation to that communicate your offering