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Embodying The Energy Of Your Vision

Embodying The Energy Of Your 

Vision (04:19) 

Inspired Action Item: 

Below is a list of tool you can use at anytime to elevate your energy and help open your mind to new creative insights and ideas you can take aligned action on.  Have fun with these and notice how quickly your state can shift in just a couple minutes.  

1. Manifestation Meditation or Walks: You can record your Vision Worksheet with music in the background and sit or walk anywhere while listening to it regularly, tuning into the energy of it now.  Use your imagination and really paint the picture within your mind and feel it in your body. 

2. Manifestation Dance: Pop on your favorite song and dance your vision into existence as you’re feeling it happening now all the way through your body!

3. Gratitude Walks: You can do these solo or with someone where you share gratitude for what you’re calling in as if it already happened. Gratitude is abundance and one of the most powerful energies to attract from.“I am so grateful for…”

4. The "What If" Game: With this game, you say: “What if I got____(the thing I wanted, like the promotion, or it was easy to create my coaching business)?” Then list all the things that could go right and feel into the energy of that narrative.

5. Energy Assessment / Journal: If you feel heavy energetically, this process helps bring awareness to your energetic state so you can consciously create your life and keep your energy more elevated as a result. You do this by doing a daily assessment paying close attention to:

What gives you energy?

What takes it away?

6. Vision Board: You can have a physical one in your space or a digital one on Pinterest, but either way I recommend putting it where you’ll see it regularly.

7. Mind Movie: This is where you can create a movie with your vision board images and pick songs to go along in the background, inspiring you as you visualize your goals happening