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Content Themes for Inspiration

Create content inspired by a fire lit in you to light a fire inside your ideal audience awaiting your message.

7 Different Content Themes

Below are 7 different content themes you can Switch between as you create new content to increase awareness to the problem that is causing their pains and symptoms.

We are gentle trying to illuminate the ROOT CAUSE of their pain and share what the consequences are of not resolving it. This content shares the insights and gems of wisdom you learned along the way. Each content piece helps to bring deeper levels of connection, resonance to seeing your offering as their SOUL-u-TION (if there is resonance).

These content pieces help to remove resistance, lack of clarity, doubt, and misunderstandings that block them from taking action.

Personal story:

Share a personal story from your life with your audience. This shows them that you are one who also had the pain and problems like them and how you discovered the solution.

Type of Content: Turtle 

Puts you in a position of leading because you have already been through it.

Personal belief:

Showcases your personal beliefs, values, and philosophies. What do you stand or not stand for? Why? Are there any false beliefs people hold in your market that you do not believe in? If so, take a stance on that. Polarize yourself.

By stating your beliefs you are going to repel those who do not share the same beliefs as you and attract those who hold similar beliefs to create a community - attracting your soul tribe.

Any time you share a belief you are going to create a deeper connection with those who are on the same wavelengths as us and who believe similar things. If we don't do this, it is possible we end up attracting clients with completely different values and beliefs and this can create dis-resonance when delivering our service because of conflicting core beliefs.

Type of Content: Turtle

Value / process:

Share tips, valuable lessons, bust myths, point out common mistakes, and show how your process can help them. It’s really about moving someone from knowing that they have a pain to understanding there is a solution to that pain.

Moving people from knowing they have a pain to understanding there is a solution to that pain. Points to our process being a solution to their problem.

Type of Content: Turtle


Share proof that what you say is actually true and that it works. This can be your personal results or client results (or even statistics and scientific studies if relevant). This is about backing up what you say with proof so that it’s easier for them to believe in what you say. 

Adds credibility to what you are sharing and your methodology. Helps prospects believe in your offering and solution with more confidence.

Type of Content: Cheetah

Handle objections:

Overcome their objections and shift their beliefs to think differently. First identify the belief and then help them to reframe it is a great way to handle objections through content because it allows them to see the same thing with a different perspective. We want to shift them to see things from our perspective.

Ex: People are scared to spend more

Ex: People fear they don't have enough time to do another course

The better be handle objections through our content the less resistance we will experience.

Type of Content: Cheetah


Show a vision of what life can be like when they solve their problems or pain. This is where you “paint a picture of the possibility of being free from pain”. What is on the other side? What does freedom from their pain look and feel like? We call it lifestyle because you show the "dream" of what life is like when you are free from having that problem.

Type of Content: Cheetah

Lead magnet / offer:

Gives them an opportunity to take action and take the next step. Lead magnets are very desirable free offers that take us hardly any time to create (script, template, checklist) and direct offers just call out the audience and tell them to take action without any free gift.

Type of Content: Cheetah

Lesson Action:

Write a personal story post that highlights the challenges and pains you overcame and harvested wisdom from that empowers you to support others along the way back home.