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Love Centered Truth

Reframing Fear --> Love Centered Truth

The path to Dharma is the path of following your joy.  Discovering your Dharma is an ongoing practice of taking action and learning from the feedback....because the journey towards your Dharma is the unique training to embody your Dharma.  By taking inspired action and listening to the call of your heart, this will present you with the opportunities for the greatest learning and growth.  

The biggest trap is to stay stagnant because of fear of making the wrong decision or fears from the conditioned mind that keep us stuck in inaction.  Trust that THE JOURNEY is where the learning and growth happens and that you can't mess it up... the secret is to tune in with your heart's truth, take inspired action, listen to the lessons being presented and keep pivoting toward what feels true and most aligned for you.  

Many of us, don't ever give ourselves a fair chance because we are  afraid of failure.  This fear cripples us and keeps us from really going for what we truly want.  But the truth is, the calling is there for a reason.  The journey of taking inspired action on what we truly want will teach us so much along the way that we are meant to uncover.  The only way you won't fulfill your Dharma is if you don't ever try in the first place. 

Knowing that it is inevitable that as we step onto this path of living out our soul mission... fears will arise.  Trust that having this awareness of the fears and limiting beliefs is a beautiful place to be because with this awareness we can begin to dive deep into these fears and create lasting resolve at the root.  Outlined below is a powerful tool that can be used as these fear based thoughts arise. 

"When you transmute your obstacles into your medicine, you create alchemy."

How to Do The Exercise: 

1. Make a list of all of the subtle whispers of FEAR, DOUBT, or RESISTANCE that arise as you connect to the thought of stepping fully into the calling of your heart and sharing it with the world in the form of an offering.  The resistance can also arise in the form of indifference..this may look like wanting to stay the same where it appears to be "safe" and "comfortable"....but remember the greatest growth happens just outside the comfort zone.  Make a list of any and all fears that are holding you back from stepping all in. 

2. Reflect on what evidence your mind has created around these fear based beliefs to validate them.  For example, what was your interpretation of a past event that is influencing your current experience.  How is your mind currently validating this belief?  What is the story your mind is telling you about this belief? 

3. What is the evidence of the other side of this belief (evidence that supports this fear not being true). Refer to your list of "100 Reasons" from Week 2 if this helps support your case.  Reflect on experiences from your past when the opposite was true.  Write the list down.  

4. Become aware that you can validate and make "true" either case.  The choice is yours.  Which belief do you want & CHOOSE to be true for you? 

5. Take each of the fears through the Divine Truth Test.  Breath in and out for a couple minutes from your heart and shift your energy to a centered place of connection to your heart.  From this place of connection,  ask.... "Is {state the fear based belief} really true?".  

6. Observe the response in your body and the wisdom the comes though.  You may need to repeat it a few times until you observe a response. 

7. Reframe the belief as a love centered truth instead of the original fear based belief.   Become aware of which belief feels better, more expansive, open in your body.  Choose that belief. 

8.  You can take it a step further and practice a forgiveness exercise.  

Example: I forgive myself for the misconception that.... {state fear based belief}....The truth is.... {state your love centered truth}. 

Observe the sensation in the body.  

9. State the love centered truth until you can really FEEL its truth within every cell of your being.  

10. Continue to cultivate awareness every time this fear based belief arises.  When it does, meet it with acceptance and give yourself a few minutes to pause, connect to your heart and recenter to your love centered truth.   TAKE ACTION and make decisions from this place of connection to your love truth. 

Eventually we want this state to become our baseline state of being.  With this new awareness of the fear based thoughts, we can quickly and easily recognize them as they arise and choose differently.