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Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Reframe Outdated Beliefs to Create Possibilities

Limiting beliefs are any self-deprecating thoughts that hold us back from growing as a person. Becoming aware of the most common limiting beliefs can help us notice them when they arise so you are in a position of power to reframe them. 

Deep down, many of us feel unworthy of our dreams. Starting at a young age, we are being told what not to do. When you’re little it’s “don’t touch that.” When you get older, almost everything we learn is predicated on avoiding failure instead of achieving success. So we find ourselves playing defense in an effort to avoid making mistakes. Looking bad has always been weighted more heavily than feeling good

So how do we start feeling worthy of the life we actually want? It starts with seeing the spells for what they are so we can choose to write a new story, rewire our brain to see what is true and empower our future.

Common examples of limiting beliefs are: I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough time, I’m not smart enough, I don’t have enough experience, I’ll never be successful, etc.

These types of beliefs come from a place of fear, and everyone has them. The goal is to learn how to identify and bring compassionate awareness to our limiting beliefs so they don’t prevent us from taking inspired action steps to move beyond our comfort zone.

You may be tempted to tell yourself you’re not good enough or that you’ll never be good enough in order to keep you safe, but in the end, these beliefs are not true; once we realize this, and find validating evidence to prove the opposite we create space for a new empowered story to be written.

The trick is to recognize and become aware of your limiting beliefs when they come up and use that recognition as an invitation to reframe an outdated narrative to a more empowered one that is in alignment with version of you that you are blossoming into. Then we can determine the habits and actions that support this becoming process to empower the new story.

This belief reframing tool is a powerful approach to slowly begin to take empowered daily actions on limiting beliefs as they arise into conscious awareness and take a proactive approach to our own neurological rewiring process.

Get in the habit of this really true?


This is a powerful cognitive reframing tool to help focus your beautiful mind, and attune your awareness to seek out reasons and evidence to support why your ideal client would want to work with you.

Often times, when we are taking action to move beyond our comfort zone, we are faced with limiting core beliefs around self-worth.  If we believe the negative self talk that plays out in the depth of our own mind, it creates a cloudy lens of perception about ourself, others and the world. This can lead to self-defeating behavior that holds us back from stepping fully into what we truly desire. It all starts with believing we are worthy. 

The truth is, you are more than worthy of anything you can desire. This exercise, helps to reframe limiting beliefs by giving the mind a positive focus. In this exercise, you will attune your awareness, like a radio signal, to find all the validating reasons why your ideal client would want to work with you and how you are capable of helping others in a unique way.

  • Who have you helped in the past for free or paid? 
  • How did you help them? 
  • What compliments have you received in the past about your work, your energy, your attitude your perspective or simply your presence?
  • What do you really love about yourself that you naturally want to share?
  • How could this be infused into an offering to help another?

Although this practice may seem simple, it is a powerful way to attract your ideal clients to you. By becoming more aware of all the ways we are inherently valuable by being ourselves, and see ways we express ourselves to help others, we will begin to notice more people in our everyday life experience that fits this profile.

Your reticular activating system is the mechanism in your brain that helps filter out your daily life experience to notice more of what you believe to be true. With conscious direction (focusing on what you want) you begin to attract people, things, places, situations and opportunities into your life that support .

This homework is a great life practice to naturally change your neurological wiring to acknowledge your inherent gifts, past successes, uniqueness of being and encourage you to move forward from a place of embodied self-worth. You are just like a snowflake. 

There is nobody like you! This is a beautiful practice to recognize an honor your uniqueness that may normally go unnoticed or undervalued.