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The Creatrix

The Content Creatrix

“Everything in life is achieved through the written word or the spoken word.”

This week, we are leveraging the mindset and perspective tools learned in the previous week to step into the archetype of the Creatrix. 

What is a Creatrix? 

A Creatrix is a women who is deeply connected to essence and the Feminine Source of Creative power.  She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and Life of all kinds.  She dreams courageously and trusts so deeply in the intrinsic co~creative connection she shares with the Divine and the Natural World. She nurtures herself, those around her and the planet.  She embraces her darkness to reveal the light.  She dances with the masculine to bring balance to the whole. She accepts the power of owning her shadow side and being vulnerability is a superpower of living freely, fully and creatively in divine flow.

She is one who takes visions, idea and insights and transforms them into a creative expression to serve the whole.

To step into this new identity role we will call upon the archetypes of:

The Storyteller: Ability to experience and express life throughout stories and symbols

The Scribe: Preserving knowledge and information

The Teacher: Ability to communicate knowledge experience, skills, or wisdom.

The Poet: Expresses soul insights in symbolic language.

 These energies are available to us at anytime..and can support you in channeling ways to express your offering in meaningful and artistic ways that speak to your audience.

To fully embody these archetypes, we will teach you the skillset and habits, mindset, beliefs and behaviors to support you stepping into this role to share your gifts with the world in creative expression that articulate your expertise, your energy and your offering.

Tip: Content writing is 20% writing and 80% editing. Write an imperfect caption and edit it later. Let it flow!

Reframe Limiting Beliefs

I invite you to explore if you have any limiting beliefs around creating content. An example of this may media technology is superficial...this can be reframed to...

Social media technology is in and of itself neutral. I choose how I use it...I choose to use social media tech in a way that feels good and empowers me and those around me.

Assess if there are any other limiting beliefs that come up around this topic of sharing content on social media...I invite you to take a moment to reframe each of these beliefs with a new empowered perspective to experiment with in the coming weeks. 

The truth is....the content that you create is the external facing, physical manifestation of the internal conversations and inspired visions already going on in your head throughout the day. If they stay in your head...they will never bring forth your soul song.

Without creating a channel of expression for these visions and ideas to be expressed, they will never become manifest.

You are a living library of knowledge and wisdom...when we create content we are channeling the archetype of the SCRIBE to preserve the wisdom for ages to come even after we are gone.

Reflection Questions Before Entering Creative Process

  • What is the message you are trying to get across?
  • Why are you creating this piece of content? Ex: build a deeper relationship with audience; connect with people on a deeper level
  • What is the effect?
  • How does it increase a person's or group's level of awareness in connecting with you and your offering? 
  • What is the purpose? Ex: create curiosity; bring joy


1. Bring awareness to any limiting beliefs that need to be reframed around creating content or the word CONTENT in general and the beliefs around creating and sharing it.