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Channeling Your Archetype


Have you ever felt that your life was guided by larger forces? Unseen but very real energies that influence every direction your life takes?

Throughout the world, across time and space, similar myths, stories, and symbology of characters like heroes could be found in cultures that were completely unknown to each other. Carl Young described archetypes as the ancient, universal patterns of behavior that rise out of the collective unconsciousHis work pointed out that we inherently share a soul-level understanding of myth and story.

Archetypes are like magnets beneath a sheet of paper – we can see the shapes and patterns but we can't see the energy – it is mysterious. Understanding archetypal energy provides an opportunity for personal transformation by connecting with our soul and our divine potential.

It appears these archetypes are symbolically recognized by the subconscious mind as Universal themes that are interwoven in identity expressions during certain periods of our live to play a role. Often times this process happens unconsciously...but what if we could call upon these Universal archetypes consciously to support our self-development?

Once we identify our particular archetypes that are interwoven in our life story - they act a the gatekeepers of your higher purpose - and a portal for integration of your wholeness. We can begin to use them to help us find out what we are here to learn and who we are meant to meet.


Discovering Your Dominant Psychological Archetype

When we begin to work with archetypes, we can access the meaning we associate with them fairly simply. If you reflect on your favorite fantasy and mythical stories, these archetypes can be found playing out in the narrative. Understanding these archetypal persona, can help us harness the energies as inner guides to:

  • Deepen our self-awareness and understanding of ourself and our needs.
  • Understand the innermost workings of the human psyche and major themes playing out in our lives.
  • Empowers us to make a conscious choice to embrace or reject them.
  • Transform our lives as a result of claiming our uniqueness and personal power.

Archetype Tools

Take the archetype test to discover your most dominant archetype. Take some tie to contemplate the ways in which this archetype has played a role in your life.

In the tool below you will find a list of 70 archetypes categorized by author Carolynn Myss. Allow your intuition to guide the process of recognizing the 8 archetypal themes that have had a major role in your life. If you need clarity on what an archetype is you can read a detailed description of the 70 major archetypes.

We possess aspects of the archetypes within ourselves, but some of them are more predominant for some than others. As with many things in life, it is hard to use something to empower ourselves if we are unaware of its existence. Simply becoming aware of your dominant archetypes can open a new lens of perspective to the energy you bring to your expression of your genius.

In evaluating whether an archetype is part of your intimate group, pay special attention to whether you can perceive a pattern of influence throughout your history, rather than only isolated or recent incidents. Take time to contemplate the archetypes listed in the tool and stretch your imagination and burrow into yourself to discover your life patterns, lessons, and gifts. This inner knowledge may take time to surface and bring clarity. Take time to contemplate these archetypes to watch how these themes play out in your life.

Archetype Reflection Questions

  • How do you already use your dominant archetypes and its qualities for your personal growth?  
  • What areas of life could you use them more?  
  • Are there particular qualities you would like to cultivate for your personal growth or to overcome a limiting pattern? 
  • What archetypes could you use to help with that growth?  
  • Is there a particular archetype you resonate with most at this time?
  • Are there any archetypes that have played a common theme or pattern in your life? Do you resist or embrace them?