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DM Messenger Outreach

Direct Messenger Outreach is a way to connect with people from all around the world who are looking for answers and a solutions that you may be able to provide.

When we are able to approach DM Outreach with openness, curiosity , playfulness, and non-attachment to the outcome we can expand our ability to serve on. anew level.

Now that we have the clarity, the excitement and the confidence within our gifts, it is now time to use social media in a way that acts as bridge form for our gifts to serve a greater need.

There will be many people that do not respond or are not interested at this time. And that okay! But there are also those that are asking for solutions and are actively seeking and available to new possibilities. When we bring a positive and optimistic mindset to our Instagram Outreach we open up the energy field for new connections.

We quite literally, are planting seeds of possibility in the mind of another. We are sharing what is alive in our heart and framing a new opportunity or perspective or solutions that a person may have never considered before.


Humans are very curios individuals so we all have a need for Uncertainty, Variety, Growth and a sense of Contribution in our lives as well. We need a sense of unknown, change or something new that challenges us, pushes us to be better and expands us, SO when we reframe someone's current situation, life, reality or experience, it gives them a different perspective, something new to think about and explore that could lead to them expanding and growing into a new life, a new feeling a new opportunity and an entirely new reality.

Our reframe of their current circumstance through planting the seed of a possible solution is a bridge that shows them how possible it really is to make a difference, serve others and make their greatest contribution to this world.


With any new skill, consistency in action, practice and effort creates the momentum. Think of the DM Outreach efforts as compounding investment that will bring a return over time. If you commit to investing one hour s day to send 30 messages, over one year, you will have connected with and shared your offering to over 10.950 people will have been introduced to you, your energy and your offering.

Although you will need to put more effort in initially to find your flow, as you improve your skill, you will be able to send less messages and get more interest with greater ease.

As we let go of our own resistance, we open up energetically to more possibilities. This is a powerful action based approach to become aware of our own limiting beliefs and fears around outreach, and opportunities to reframe our mind and write a new story. The most powerful thing to create change is take action in spite of fear, doubt, uncertainty!!!

We encourage you to host an experiment and try to send 30 DM messages every day for the next 30 days....and just see what comes from it! If you can set aside one hour a day, your effort and energy investment will yield a return!