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Clarifying Conversations

Conversations With Your Ideal Client 

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”

- Harper Lee  

Inspired Action Items: 

1. Make a list of 5 - 10 ideal clients.  These are the people that you would love to work with and think you can truly serve, help, guide or support by embodying your unique soul blueprint and working in your zone of genius.   These can also be clients you have worked with previously that you really enjoyed.  If don't have many people coming to mind, you can make a post in the FB Group.  Further details for this is listed in the document below.  

2. Reach out to 3 to 5 ideal clients to ask if they'd be open to a short 15-20 minute conversation.  You can express that you're simply looking to learn more about their experience, perspective and mindset as you craft your new offering so you can serve on a deeper level.  

Please note: You will reach out to a few more ideal clients AFTER you craft your offering next week as well.  So in this initial stage, the goal is to talk to a few ideal clients to gain deeper understanding, then after you craft your offering next week you will repeat this process to gain even more insight on the offering you crafted. 

3. Use the "Initial Market Research" worksheet below as a guide for the questions to ask during the meetings.  

4. Record the meetings on Zoom; bring your curiosity and presence to every meeting and have fun with it!   After the conversation has ended,  you can go back  to the recording and take notes on what your ideal clients expressed. in their own words  

5. Summarize your learnings and insights and add it to the "Ideal Client Template" (from the previous section).  

6. Compare what you previously perceived or thought to what your ideal clients actually expressed to ground in any new insights.  This expanded awareness allows us to better understand our ideal clients so we can speak to them and meet them exactly where they're at.  We will take this insight into next week when you craft your offering!  

PDF: Initial Market Research