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Claiming Your Inherent Worth

Grounded in Essence

It is important to bring awareness to the difference between our ego (human) and essence (being). There is the human part of Self that is always learning, growing and becoming, as we shapeshift roles and archetypes we choose to play in life to support the version of ourself we want to embody at a given time. The energy, the characteristics, the habits we take on every day help to shape our identity. Our roles and identity are evolving and always changing; but it is important to recognize that we are much more than these roles; they do not define us. 

The truth is, we are the being, the beingness, the essence, the soul. This is who you truly are and is already perfect. Beyond the ego self and identity roles, there is already perfection. The more we can come to realize this truth that our roles do not define us, the less attached we are to the programming, patterns and stories that we have outgrown and are calling to be upgraded. We are less critical of them become we know we are not them. This results in our feeling of self-worth being less and less defined by our egoic identity. 

Ego is identification with thoughts, behavior and feelings…once we realize that we are not these things, but rather the essence of our "beingness" that is watching them come and go. We loosen their grip and can more easily see the patterns as not personal and just programming that we can upgrade. 

We can let go of stories, thoughts and judgements in this moment that don't support the version of you who you are becoming. If they do not define you, it is easier to let go of these limitations and be more open to reinforcing positive change. This is a slow upgrade of how we see ourselves, as we rewrite our life story and awaken to more empowered archetypes that support the version of Self we are becoming.  

Resting in Your Wholeness Meditation

Listen to the "Resting in Wholeness Meditation" whenever you need a reminder of your love. 

Reprogram Your ENOUGHNESS

For most of life we are conditioned to believe that we are inherently not enough. This keeps us in a perpetual cycle of seeking and validation from external sources rather than from within. To begin to reprogram our subconscious mind,  it is an empowering daily practice to remind ourselves "I AM ENOUGH." Ways that you are invited to do this are the places where your attention goes the most during your day - your phone background, your mirror, your fridge, your pillow case, and daily phone reminders. 

You are invited to write this simple saying at the top of your journal each day, say it our loud and place it places where you continually see it.

Below are two screensaver you can download and use for a beautiful daily reminder on the home screen where the average person places their attention 110 times per day!

Here it s link to the template if you want to create your own!