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Who Are You Becoming


Let say, I want to become a spiritual entrepreneur with a wide-reaching podcast that serves and uplifts a thriving and engaged community, but I currently am playing the role of a couch potato that spends hours a day playing video games, watching Netflix dramas, and scrolling on social media…there is quite the gap between how I am currently spending my time, investing my attention and energy and where I aspire to be. 

These are two completely different identity roles, that are living two completely different life experiences…so the question is...How do I bridge the gap between who I am now and who I need to become to walk the path of my highest expression? There is an entire different energy I need to BEcome (the living embodiment) in order to transcend. The first step is to become aware of the habits, mindset, beliefs and behaviors are not currently in alignment with who you want to become. To become aware of that which is not resonant.

Self-Inquiry Questions:

These are some foundational questions that can help in bridging the gap between your current self and who you are becoming to be a living embodiment of your dreams. Think about the version of you that you see living a life fully lit up within your unique zone of genius. 

  • How does this person show up every day?
  • What energy do they bring to what they do?
  • What is their mindset?
  • What skills do I need to learn?
  • What daily action steps does this version of me take every day/week?
  • What are their habits?
  • What are the virtues that they live by?
  • What tools or qualities have helped me get unstuck in the past?
  • What new experiences am I inspired to try out to see if it truly resonates?


If I want to become a spiritual entrepreneur with a successful podcast and thriving online community, it would require me to identify the mindset, behaviors, actions that would put me in alignment to create the bridge between identities…

First ask, who am I becoming and what do I need to get there?

I would need to learn…..Ex: how to record a podcast

I would need to upgrade my mindset to….Ex: I am capable of learning anything I can put my mind to;

I would need to break through the self-sabotaging tendency of…. Ex: perfectionism by taking on the new belief that messy is better than perfect; life is an experiment, the more I try the more I learn.

I would feel…Ex: excited to share inspiring messages and stories on my podcast because I feel the most lit up being in the presence of another awakening to their truth. I feel supported, Life feels easy and synchronicities are an everyday occurrence. 

I always feel like... I am in the right place at the right time. 

My environment would be nourished by…The tribe around me supports me and I support them; we support each other in the path of living our dharma, Our energy feeds each other spirits. 

My Transformation from the Victim to the Healer

Everyone experiences an identity crisis as some point in life. They are actually quite a natural process as we set goals, and beyond our comfort zone to rise into a version of ourselves we have never experienced before. This process is similar to people who experience healing from illness. My journey of healing from an autoimmune disease when I was 16 years old required me to embody the energy of the healer and become the living embodiment of a healthy person even through I was still physically sick.

This experience called me forth into a new way of being that left all my old habits, beliefs and old ways of seeing behind in order to embody this new empowered version of myself. We all have this ability to embody new archetypal Universal energies to help us in the transition of identities as we rise up. 


1. WRITE DOWN ONE HABIT UPGRADE THAT WILL MOST SUPPORT YOU IN CREATING THE PATH TO WHO YOU ARE BECOMING? The path of your sacred calling, your dharma you soul path...