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Uncover Your Dharma

Uncover Your Dharma (12:23)

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  

The purpose of life is to give it away."

- Pablo Picasso

The Law of Dharma: 

The Law of Dharma implies more than seeking work that we love; it implies our unique destiny, our place in the cosmic plan. It implies a shift in consciousness that begins when we align ourselves with our highest vision, and then become the manifestation of that vision. The force that serves as a bridge to such a transformation is also known as Dharma.

Dharma is a beautiful teaching of truly living from the heart space of "how I can help" and "how can I serve".  Once uncovered, our Dharma is meant to be a blessing not only for us...but for everyone else as well.   

The Law of Dharma states that the experience of our essence, coupled with the expression of our gifts in service to humanity is the spark that generates abundance; the greater impact we will have coupled with a never ceasing flow of the joy and fulfillment we feel from sharing what it is that truly lights up our soul.   

3 Components to the Law of Dharma:

1. Dive within to know your true Self.  Through this connection to your essence, the remembrance and connection emerges to who you truly are.  The remembrance that you are "divinity in disguise". Inside each person is a divine being that yearns to come into full expression.  

2. Each of us has a unique gift, passion and expression that we are here to share. There is something about the unique expression of these gifts and passions that no one else has - it is the divine expressed beautifully and uniquely through YOU which makes you so unique.  It's the way in which you do what you do!  When we are expressing our unique gifts and passions, we feel a sense of joy, flow, purpose and often even loose track of time. 

3. The final stage is service to humanity and "asking how I can help?".   We are here to serve our fellow human beings and the greater good with our gifts, talents and unique expression.  By asking the question “Where and how am I being called to serve?” we combine the expression of our unique talent with service to humanity, and make full use of the Law of Dharma.  

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!   There is a god or goddess within each and every one us just waiting to be birthed into fully expression.  And as you bring this full express to the surface and begin to share from this place, you naturally invite others to do the same.  By you stepping into your Dharma, it is naturally an invitation for others to rise in love and remembrance with you. 

Uncovering the essence of your calling:  

Listed below are a few  archetypes that describe the essence or gift of the main calling(s) people feel within their life.  Reflect back to what you uncovered last week, and identify which of these gift archetypes have come most naturally to you throughout your life and which you feel most to drawn to.  Please note, this is not an all inclusive list, if you resonate with a different gift archetype find what feels most true for you.  

  • Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Healer 
  • Helper 
  • Creator
  • Artist 
  • Visionary
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Inventor 
  • Collaborator 
  • Connector
  • Leader 

We can by nature be any of these archetypes and often times we have many different ones at play throughout our life.  But your Dharma is related to what comes most naturally to you and what  you enjoy doing most.  We can LEARN to do many things but there are probably just one of two things that are the deepest and most natural to you.  

If you're having trouble identifying which is most natural, you can:

1. Reflect on your life and childhood for insight - bring in what you uncovered last week from the inner child meditation. 

2. Ask close friends and family members what they see in you - bringing in the external mirror helps us to uncover our innate gifts.   Our Dharma is often so natural to us that it often goes unnoticed.   

Where your gift archetype overlaps with your PASSION is where your Dharma lies.  It's the combination of sharing what you're passionate about and what lights you up through using  your gift archetype .  There must be both of these components, both the gift and the passion. 

We were given this specific gift and passion for a reason: to hone it, to explore it, to dive into it so we can better meet ourselves and also to give that gift to a world that  needs your unique magic

 Reflection Questions:

1. Integrating the insight you uncovered last week,  identify your natural giftedness that has been at play throughout your life.   What one or two gift archetypes do you feel are the most natural to you?  

2.  Are you currently expressing your gifts through your current work in a way that feels aligned for you?  

3. Is there a gift you feel you have suppressed throughout your life that you would like to explore more?   

4. What excites you most?  What topics do you love learning about and sharing? 

5. What channel of expression feels most open and natural for you?  Maybe it is speaking, story telling, writing, art, music, energy work, creation with your hands (cooking, gardening, ect). 

6. Are you currently sharing your gifts and passions with the people in this world who need you the most and who you feel you can make the greatest impact for?   For example, maybe your calling is a Teacher - but you are currently teaching people about real estate and this doesn't feel aligned for you.  Is there another way to share your gift of teaching that aligns with your passion? 

7. Who in the world (what group of people) would most benefit from your unique gifts and passions?   Tune in with the people who have naturally been drawn to you throughout your past.