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Asking Empowering Questions

Asking Empowering Questions to Shift Your Mindset

One of the major differences between people and their outlook on life is the questions that they consistently ask themselves. 

Questions have the ability to change our focus in an instant. Asking the right questions can change our mindset from a limiting one to an empowering one.

Our personal view of reality hinges on what we focus on and questions are one of the fastest ways to shift to a more empowering and resourceful mindset.

Giving the Mind Direction and Focus

We are all in the habit of asking ourselves questions every day, but most of the time were not even aware of their effect. Each time we ask a question, the mind is given an incentive, direction and focus.

Whatever we focus on the most will eventually become our reality. By training ourselves to consciously ask empowering questions, regardless of our circumstances, we will direct our mindset to continually focus on new possibilities and solutions.  

As soon as we ask a question, our mind immediately begins searching for an answer. If we don’t like the answers that we are getting, it probably has a lot to do with the questions we are asking. By asking the right questions we can shift to a more empowering mindset and find the answers needed to change any aspect of our life.

So what are the right questions for a mindset shift?

Questions that cause us to focus on possibilities and solutions are the ones that empower us by shifting our mindset.  

Learning to ask empowering questions is a healthy habit that can greatly expand our lens of perception. If we ask disempowered questions, we get disempowered answers; if we ask empowering questions, we get empowered answers. We get to choose!!

Choosing to ask Empowering Questions

Let's consider a couple of situations that could arise and notice how asking different types of questions can radically alter our mindset.

Let’s say it's Monday morning, and your alarm goes off...what’s the first question you ask yourself? If you ask, “Why do I have to go to work today?” how is that going to affect your attitude?

If you say “Why do I feel so tired and run down?” how is that going to affect your energy levels? With those two simple questions you have already set yourself up for a disappointing day. 

Why? Because now your mind is focused on finding reasons why you’re tired and have to do something you don’t want to do like go to work.

The challenge is that most of us are on automatic pilot. Most of the time we fail to take conscious control of the questions we ask ourselves. As a result, we can inadvertently adopt a less than empowering mindset.

What if the first two questions you asked yourself were, “What do I have to look forward to today, and what am I most grateful for right now? Even if you don’t have the immediate answers to those questions, this positive mindset will focus your attention on finding the answers. Ask yourself those questions a few times and notice how the answers make you FEEL. All of a sudden you have something to look forward to and something to be grateful for. How will that kind of mindset affect your day?


Contemplate the examples above, and reflect on where in your life could you improve the quality of the questions you are asking yourself. This is a simple practice that can have a dramatic effect on how you experience the world you live in.

I invite you bring this practice into your daily life as a game. Play with finding new ways to ask yourself empowering questions that elevate your attitude, uplifts your spirit and feels good in your body. What you seek you will find!