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Abundance and the Law of Dharma


Expressing your gifts in service to others is the highest expression of the Law of Dharma. When your creative expressions match the needs of those around you, abundance naturally flows into your life in perfect divine order.

Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do. Once we begin to walk this path, our entire LIFE becomes a reflection of our LOVE made visible…

We enter into a higher vibration of creation and resonance with attracting the people and experiences that will most benefit from what we have to offer. 

The moment we become a living YES of our energetic signature, claim it and open our hearts to give it away in service, the right opportunities begin to show up at our door in seemingly magical ways.

Your Dharma (sacred calling) is not outside of arises from within is the truest expression of who you are.

Centering Thought:

There is a way that I can fulfill my true purpose in life.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.

This quote is not meant to scare you…but I have found from my own experience so much truth in this statement. 

Expressing our innate gifts naturally brings us Joy, meaning and purpose when we allow them to be embodied and woven into our daily actions. If we allow our fears to innocently block this natural energy flow, it can result in feelings of nonalignment, anxiety, depression and lack of fulfillment to creep into our life. The call will keep on calling until we answer.

Our genius nature is meant to be expressed and will bring about a new found sense of energy and vitality when we nurture it and allow the energy to flow through us and grace those around us. 


How can I spend a majority of my time, doing what I most love to do making the biggest contribution to the world?

Take a moment to soak that in…that is the kind of high vibrational question we want you to get accustomed to asking yourself throughout this course…these are the type of questions that inspire WONDER in you…

These are the type of questions we sincerely deeply want to know, because the answer to it would change your life. 


Pause to savor the question…wonder to yourself...How can I spend most of my time doing what I most love to do, while also making my greatest contribution to the world? 

Ask a few times in your mind to get the feel of it…notice the vibrational sound of the words as well as the meaning…after you say it in your mind, then say it out loud to yourself…Marinate in it!!

There are moment in your service where you fall into a flow that is incomparable. You lose the sense of self and recognize the true nature of your being and the reason your existence is here.


At the end of life, when we look back, it will not be what we gained that matters but what we gave. As we cross into the other side, all the material will mean nothing. What will remain is the soul wisdom we shared and the expression of our Self we devoted our Being to. 


  • What unique way am I here to be a steward of Life? 
  • If I were to leave the Earthly plane tomorrow, what would I consider a Life well lived and am I currently living it?

  • We will dive deeper into living your dharma in week 4.