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Sharing Your Light

Week 4 Overview: Sharing Your Light (05:13) 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: The Law of Dharma 

When your creative expressions match the needs of those around you… abundance effortlessly flows into your life in perfect divine order. 

This sweet spot – where we are joyfully doing the work we love that matches the needs of our fellow humans – is the ‘spark that creates affluence'.

Our unique and perfect combination of expression, joy, and purpose

leads to our highest success.

Next Steps:

1. Take a moment to see what flows through with the reflection questions (video & questions below).  What is the first thing that comes to mind? 

2. Listen to the "Ideal Client Mediation".  Be open to what flows through.  Revisit the reflection questions and journal any insights you uncover regarding where you feel the call at this point in your life. 

Tuning Into The Call (6:08)

Reflection Questions:

1. Who do you feel naturally drawn to work with or support?  Who has been naturally drawn to you for guidance or support within your life? 

2. How have you naturally been drawn to help, uplift or support others in your life? 

3. What are the obstacles or challenges you have grown through within your life that have shaped you into the person you are today? 

4. What problems or challenges are you passionate about helping others overcome? Maybe these are similar to the challenges you have overcame within your own life. 

5. What are the qualities of a person you're passionate about working with? 

6. What wisdom, lessons, or insights do you feel called to share with others? 

7. How can you express your zone of genius in its highest form to be of service to others or the greater good? 

Share Your Light Meditation 

Meeting Resistance With Trust (5:45)

Our life is the work of art that life itself is shaping.  And we don't get "shaped" until we show up.  If you follow the calling in your heart and soul, it will lead you discover things you could have never imagined.  Open you heart and the allow your JOURNEY to guide you... the magic will appear within the unknown as you answer the call.  Trusting that what's in the way...IS THE WAY!  That's how we grow, evolve and how life teaches and shapes up for our greatest growth and evolution.  There is so much power in learning to love the journey, every step of the way.  

Reflection Question:  Can you think of a time in your life when you followed your passion and the calling of your heart and unexpected and seemingly magical opportunities and doors began to open for you?   Maybe even better than you initially imagined....Maybe you didn't get what you initially wanted or expected but the journey led you to exactly what you were meant to experience.  I invite you to reflect on a couple of these memories from your life when the journey was so much greater than any end destination.