What is Tumeric?

Tumeric is a yellow spice that is one of the main ingredients in Indian cuisine. Not only does Tumeric add some great flavor to your favorite curry, but has also been acknowledged for its healing properties that have been around for centuries throughout many different cultures. Curcumin, an active compound found in Tumeric, has proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer substance.

Tumeric is packed full of essential healthy nutrients needed by the body such as Vitamin C, dietary fiber, protein, iron, zinc, calcium and many more. Whether used topically or consumed when mixed into food and other edible substances, the health benefits of Turmeric are unlimited. Due to its long list of health benefits, Tumeric has been deemed the ultimate ‘Queen of Spices’. To highlight some of these amazing benefits, we pulled together a list of 10 amazing health benefits of Turmeric.

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Pain Reliever
  2. Tumeric contains a particular compound known as Curcuminoids, a specified type of antioxidant as well as a pain reducer. Within a number of South Asian countries, Turmeric has been used as en essential ingredient in the formulation of topical compresses made used to reduce pain felt by an injury or muscle strain. Turmeric is an effective and natural way to reduce pain when applied topically.
  3. Reduces the Risk of Cancer
  4. Results of a number of studies have proven that the Turmeric to be able to heal, as well as prevent any type of growth taking place in the form of prostate cancer. The high levels of antioxidants, as well as other active components, within turmeric formulate it into becoming one of the best ways to prevent the creation of tumors created due to exposure to radiation.
  5. Reduces Inflammation in the Body
  6. Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The existence of bioactive compounds within Turmeric give it an anti-inflammatory characteristic which has absolutely no side-effects unlike other medically prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets.
  7. Boosts Detoxification of the Liver
  8. The liver is considered as being one the body’s primary organs for detoxification, however there are a number of both internal as well as external factors that can have adverse effects on liver function. Turmeric’s detoxifying properties help keep the liver free of damaging toxins or potentially threatening bacteria
  9. Helps with Depression
  10. Curcumin, a substance in Tumeric, has been found to be an extremely effective natural mood enhancer. A research study carried out on patients diagnosed with depression, found that turmeric played a role in aiding patients with symptoms of depression. The study divided participants  into three separate groups. One group was exposed to Prozac as a form of treatment, the second was given a gram of Turmeric while the third group was given both, Turmeric and Prozac. After six complete weeks it was recorded that the group provided with turmeric as well as Prozac were treated the most. The Turmeric increased the levels of Neurotropic factors, which led to a decrease in the symptoms of depression in the participants.
  11. Diabetes Management
  12. Turmeric is well known around the world as being a way of best controlling as well as managing type 2 diabetes. Individuals which took cur-cumin on a regular basis whom of which were categorized as being pre-diabetes, were at the end of a test being carried out, less likely to be diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes according to the Journal Diabetes Care.
  13. Aids in Weight-loss
  14. Turmeric has been proven to aid with weight loss, via a study carried out by the Tufts University, it was deduced that levels of cholesterol as well as proteins which promoted fat production. It was also proven via the same study that Turmeric content within the human body helped with speeding up the metabolism therefore resulting in an increase in the amount of fat being burned by the body itself.
  15. Improves the Skin
  16. Containing anti-bacterial as well as high contents of anti-septic particles, turmeric can effectively help with improving the overall health of your skin regardless of whether used topically or consumed orally. Known to improve skin conditions such as acne and breakout of pimples, Turmeric is an excellent for maintaining beautiful clear skin.
  17. Helps Strengthen Immune System
  18. Aside from keeping the skin looking young, the antioxidants present within Turmeric help with riding the body of any kinds of radicals that may weaken the body’s defense system against bacteria and infections. Turmeric capsules, or utilization of turmeric in a number of foods has increased over the years due to its ability to considerably strengthen the immune system of a body.
  19. Supports Joint & Muscle Health

Turmeric along with its alkaline properties, can help with the reduction of inflammation present within the muscles or joints caused by Arthritis. Best results can be achieved via a constant supply of Turmeric on a daily basis.



The above mentioned reasons are enough to convince the incorporation of Turmeric into your daily lives for the overall improvement of health as well as general well-being of the body.

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