The Soul Tribe Sisters Community is a living, breathing current of support and inspiration. 

It is a haven for women who are on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection.


It's a place where women come to reignite their spark for life and find unwavering support within a nurturing community.  





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✨Daily Coaching & Motivation: Get daily doses of inspiration and motivation to keep you on track and focused on your goals in our Telegram chat. 

✨Weekly LIVE Workshops: Dive into a treasure trove of self-help workshops, designed to boost your confidence, enhance your self-esteem, and foster personal growth.  Access to all the replays. 

✨Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded women who share your goals and aspirations. Together, we can achieve greatness through mutual support, accountability and inspiration.

✨Empowerment Challenges: Challenge yourself with empowering tasks and activities that will stretch your boundaries and bring out the best in you. Learn to go beyond your comfrost zone with the support and encouragement of an amazing group of women.

✨Transformation Resources: Access a wide range of resources, including guides, daily inspiration and webinars to aid your journey towards self-empowerment and personal transformation.

✨The Abundance Book Club: Access to our inspiration focused book club where we ready an empowering book together each month and share the wisdom and teachings revealed in weekly wisdom circles and Telegram thread. 


The Women's Empowerment Community is a haven for women who are on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection. It's a place where women come to reignite their spark for life and find unwavering support within a nurturing community. This community is specially tailored for:

1. Growth Seekers: Women who have a deep desire to evolve and expand, both personally and professionally. Whether it's setting and achieving new goals or embarking on a path of self-improvement, this community provides the tools and resources to fuel that growth.

2. Soulful Explorers: For those yearning to reconnect with their true selves, to rediscover their passions and purpose in life. The community offers workshops and activities to help women tap into their innermost desires and aspirations.

3. Support and Mentorship: Women in transition, be it career shifts, life changes, or relationship adjustments, will find a nurturing space to gain clarity and navigate the path forward. The community becomes a cornerstone of support during these times of uncertainty.

4. Lifelong Connections: It's not just about today; it's about creating friendships and connections that last a lifetime. The community fosters an environment where genuine bonds are formed, and women can lean on each other through the highs and lows of life.

5. Confidence, Clarity, and Joy: Women looking to regain confidence, clarity, and a profound sense of joy in life will find tailored resources, challenges, and activities designed to help them reignite their inner fire.

In this community, women embark on a journey of self-rediscovery, connecting with their true selves, and rekindling their passion for life. It's a space that celebrates individuality, provides unwavering support, and empowers women to script the next chapter of their lives with confidence and purpose. Whether you're in the midst of transformation or simply seeking to rediscover your spark, this community is here to guide, inspire, and uplift you on your unique journey.



The coaching program with Kelly has been such an eye opening and transformative experience.  It has led me to see so many new possibilities and opportunities.  I feel a new found excitement and passion for life I haven't felt in years!  Working with Kelly has helped me move through the blocks that have been holding me back for years from fully stepping into what I truly want in live.   This was a truly life changing 3 months! 

Anna Olson

 / Yoga Teacher


I recognize day by day, the depth and value of my offerings that were there already but needed a pathway to follow so they could reach the destination and the people waiting to benefit from them.

Emma Stewart 

/ Health Coach


Working with Patty feels like Divine Intervention! She radiates inspiration and just connecting with her raises my vibration. She is a master at changing and creating a healthy mindset. Her ability to meet me where I am, even in my darkest places, and help me elevate my perspective is truly transcendent. I struggle with a fear-based belief system and anxiety and like an alchemist, Patty is helping me transform that anxiety and fear into trusted allies. Her soft and loving approach is completely disarming. Patty is a true healer and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Julie Moore

/ Business Owner

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About Me

Kelly Turgeon

Kelly is a soul-centered entrepreneur that broke free of the corporate grind and is passionate about helping others to do the same. Kelly supports soul seekers ready to answer the call of stepping into a life that is truly soul nourishing, meaningful , deeply fulfilling. and aligned with what truly lights them up.  She integrates her business expertise, with embodiment and breath work to create inner resonance  & lasting fulfillment and success.  

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Patricia Turgeon

About Me

Patty is a soul-centered entrepreneur dedicated to embodying a high vibrational field of existence that prioritizes health, soul-aligned living and helping others create a life of freedom and purpose.  Patty supports visionaries gain clarity on their unique gifts, talents and potency points to step into a their new identity that is a direct reflection of the inner most expression that longs to be expressed and infused into every area of life.

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