As long as your heart is beating inside of you, and breathe is flowing through the body, you are ALIVE, and more life to be LIVED. I have found that cultivating the virtue of DISCIPLINE in my life has created grooves of energy and momentum towards living my most authentically fulfilled life - living my purpose or true calling.  It is the little actions that we repeatedly do every day, that create empowering or disempowering ripples of change in our life. Our habits are ultimately what create our life experience. 

Our habits are a reflection of our daily commitment to ourself. It is the small daily actions we commit to, that affirm to our subconscious mind our worthiness of receiving our desired request. Our intentional and inspired actions are the most powerful YES we can give the Universe that says I am READY and WILLING. It is very common that when we begin to implement a new habit, that we are met with some resistance that can show up in various forms (procrastination, avoidance, numbing, distraction, procrastination, chronic stress, etc).

Resistant is natural, we only must learn to cultivate the DISCIPLINE to break through to new levels of greatness. A great analogy for this is when a SEED is must rise up through the soil in order to become full in its expression. The soil can represent resistance in our life, but our dedication to our growth and expand=sion into the light is what pulls us forward to become the embodiment of our unique soul seed expression.

These energetic blocks acts can seem like weighs trying to pull us back into the shadows when we are trying to reach from the light. This is when we have to really make a COMMITMENT to ourselves, to SHOW UP everyday to create a new DISCIPLINE. And that also means doing it when we don't feel like it. That is not an excuse!

Then at some point there is a magical moment, where the things that are best for us are also what we love to do - this is BLISSIPLINE

Michael Beckwith says, "the real meaning of discipline comes from being a disciple of something you love." So once real commitment is cultivated, discipline becomes a blissipline.  I

I have experienced a number of my life's disciplines have transformed into blissiplines. - Habits like healthy eating, morning meditation, journaling, positive mindset, conscious breathing and chi gong - All these daily acts started out as a dedicated discipline that took effort and commitment - but over time they became the things I LOVE to do every day because they make me feel good, and when I FEEL GOOD, I am a magnet to all the pieces I need to live my true calling and life purpose.


If you are dedicated to transforming your life through cultivating daily habits and a discipline neccesary to birth your purpose and create lasting happiness and soul fulfillment - connect with me on my FB Group SOUL PATH ACCELERATOR. http://facebook.com/groups/soulpathaccelerator

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