Weekly Reflection & Planning Tool Week 4

Weekly Reflection & Planning (Week 2)


This is a beautiful contemplated audio on Graciousness by Richard Rudd the Founder of the Gene Keys. May this nourish you with the angelic frequencies and open you to receive the graciousness that is always present.

Reflection Question for Week 2: 

1. What is the new core belief you chose to take on this week?  What shifts did you notice as a result? 

2. What habit did you upgrade or implement this week?  What changes did you observe as a result of committing to this new habit?

3. What outdated belief did you reframe this week into a new empowered story?  Take time to celebrate yourself! 

4. Based on the exercises this week, did your lens of perception shift? If yes, how so?   Observe any shifts in how you felt, moved through the day or what you attracted into your field, ect. 

PDF: Weekly Reflection & Planning