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Join o next 3-month Soul Path Accelerator Program starting on January 26th 2023.

This program initiates a natural self-remembering process of your own magnificence and how your body wisdom and physiology can be used to heal and create harmony in all aspects of your life. You will learn therapeutic and regenerative practices that act as a doorway to self-realization that is supported and nurtured in a powerful group coaching container. 

Waking up to WHO you truly are and HOW you can bring that forth in to the world to create the IMPACT and PURPOSE you desire can't be measured. But here is a glimpse of the transformation you can expect:

  • DISCOVER & STRENGTHEN your unique gifts, talents and ways of being that create value and meaningful transformation in the lives of others. By sharing your innate gifts, a deep sense of purpose, joy and prosperity arises.
  • MAKING A QUANTUM LEAP IN YOUR CLARITY & CONFIDENCE, feeling more free and fulfilled than ever before because you're living a life ON PURPOSE. 
  • A SUBCONSCIOUS MIND UPGRADE is like a mental facelift that helps you to break free of self-defeating habit patterns and empower you to live a more inspired, impactful and meaningful life 
  • BECOME MAGNETIC - Gain clarity on who you are here to impact, why they need you and how you can serve in your own unique way. Clarity brings confidence and confidence attracts aligned conversations that open the door to a new spectrum of aligned opportunities. 
  • RELEASE BLOCKS keeping you stuck in self-defeating cycles so you can live from an elevated state of being that radiates confidence and clarity to create meaningful IMPACT.
  • REGULATE YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM and build inner resilience to stress that creates the space for a deeper sense of peace, openness and trust in your life.

Program Structure

The value offered in this course is unparalleled and is an investment in your health and quality of life. 

This course is offered in a powerful online course + 12 weekly group coaching calls + daily WhatApp coaching 

You will receive easy to implement mindset and somatic tools that can radically transform your life. Each week we will have a different focus that works on revealing more of who you truly are. We then use breath, sound and music to further embody this knowledge while regulating the nervous system so we can more fully receive the wisdom that flows from within.

Week 1


  • Discover Your Unique Gifts, Strengths & Passions
  • Gain Clarity and Create Your Soul-Aligned Vision
  • Operate with more flow and ease by living and leading with your values 
  • Identify the Deeper Desire Under Your Goals
  • Week 2


  • Transform the blocks & habits that keep you stuck 
  • Learn how to use Breathwork to create new neuro-pathways to access new possibilities and opportunities
  • Learn powerful self-inquiry tools to breakthrough your  limits and transform your shadows to your gifts
  • Week 3


  • Create alignment between how you see yourself and how you are showing up
  • Create winning habits and daily rhythms that create flow and ease
  • Increase productivity by work in your zone of genius
  • Claim your WHY and Mission Drive Vision
  • Week 4

    Ideal Client Magnetism

  • The Art of Magnetism and Energetic Selling; a complete redefinition of how you attract build lasting relationships with value-aligned clients
  • Learn how to define and attract your ideal client
  • Narrow down your niche and how your zone of genius empowers you to serve them
  • Week 5

    YOUR Soul Aligned Offering

    • Pricing, Positioning and Packaging 
    • Learn How to Craft and Irresistible Offer That is Reflection of Your Signature Energy That Serves Your Value-Aligned Client
    • Craft Your 1-Year Soul Aligned Vision & a step by step strategy to bring your vision to Life

    Week 6

    Selling Through Service

    • Act on Insight and Live in the Flow
    • Reframing Your Mindset Around Sales to Simply Being of Service to Create Lasting Impact 
    • Craft a Aligned Marketing Plan that flows from showing up as your authentic soul-aligned blueprint
    • 30 Day Mindset + Miracles Challenge

    There will be a total of 12 live sessions + a powerful online course with downloadable guided breathwork meditations and mindset exercises to work through resistance, gain clarity and a roadmap to walk your soul path.

    inner revelation method soul path accelerator


    You will have daily access to our WhatsApp group coaching support where insights are shared, wins are celebrated and questions are answered as you move through the program.


    For the first 12 weeks we will join on LIVE Zoom calls for group coaching on the weeks topic and a mastermind style session. You will be connected other soul inspired visionaries from all around the world.


    Learn to use the power of your breath paired with creative imagination to embody your vision, through feeling it in your body and mind as already done. We align energy and vision to open up to the most important actions each week to build momentum.


    Share, Inspire & Receive Feedback; Each Week We Create One New Content Puzzle Piece to Ground Your Vision and Ignite Your Creative Spark into Action


    You will get access to a 30 day income challenge to clear mindset block around money and get clear on what it is you truly want financially and see new possibilities and opportunities to bring it to life.


    2X ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CALLS with Patty and Kelly to for Gain Deeper Clarity on how to translate your unique gifts into an offering you can use to serve others that fills you up from the inside out.

    If you are interested in joining our SOUL PATH ACCELERATOR we would love to offer a FREE 45-minute CLARITY CALL to discuss your goals, resistance and breakthrough strategy.

    Limited Spots Available

    patty turgeon and kelly turgeon

    Personal Note from Patty & Kelly,

    Patty & Kelly Turgeon

    If we could share anything at this moment it would be to TRUST that you have been guided to the doorway to one of the planet's most transformational programs on earth. All you have to say is YES and watch your life begin to change right before your eyes in ways you may have never imagined possible. You will step out into the world with a completely rejuvenated love for life and feel deeply connected to your purpose in it.

    We can't wait to see you there!

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