SOMA Breath Masterclass

Upgrade your belief systems and inner programming.
Retune your mindset. 
Harness your mind & breath to transform you
r reality.

Join us for the

SOMA Breath Masterclass

In this masterclass will dive into the SOMA Breath Technique. I will be sharing how this transformational method can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind and let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding us back from living our true potential. 💪 

The session will end with a guided  SOMA Breath Awakening Session so you can experience the magic of this technique for yourself.  

Breathwork is one of the best ways to drop into an elevated and expanded state. When in this state of being, it is the best time to seed in new beliefs through the use of creative visualization to rewire the brain and cultivate lasting positive change in our lives. ❤️

This is a transformation tool to create rapid transformational change by clear the lens of perception and expanding our view to the limitless potentials as we connect with our true potential and inner guidance system.   🌈✨

Join the Next 21 Day Awakening Protocol

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Want to Jouney Deeper?  

Join the next 21 Day Awakening Breath Protocol 

Practice a method that uses the power of your creative imagination to create a vision, feeling and sense of clarity about your dream life targets. We then chunk these goals down into realistic and achievable milestones.
Learn how to use this transformative breathwork technique to shift your state into a state of passion, flow and determination by raising your emotional energy to high self esteem and confidence.
Powerful self hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind, programming your brain stem to tune into the frequency of reality that is essential for you to reach your dream life targets

The jouney includes 4 LIVE group coaching calls with participants for all around the world + a downloadable meditation and breathwork journey specifically designed for each week of the transformation. 

Course Schedule

This course will be split into an introductory component lasting 3 days followed by 3 weeks working through separate breathwork meditations each week. Each breathwork meditation session consists of 5-10 minutes of diaphragmatic rhythmical breathwork followed by a series of breath retention techniques lasting 4-5 mins. A target spO2 level of 80-85% for 2-3 mins duration of breath retention provides the desired outcome and benefits.

During the introductory period you will be given some thought provoking exercises and a video tutorial of how to perfect the breathing technique so that you are fully prepared for the first live meditation. Once the introductory period is complete, there will be 1 live session each week (total of 3 live sessions + a wrap up call at the end) accompanied by downloadable guided meditations and exercises to work through during the remainder of the week.



Initiation Phase

Guided 20 minute breathwork meditation in downloadable audio format prepares you for the deeper practices.



Awakening Phase

40 minute guided audio breathwork meditation awakens your ‘inner pharmacy’ strengthening, healing and nourishing your body with vital oxygen while giving you the therapeutic benefits of intermittent hypoxia.



SOMA Phase

60 minute guided audio breathwork meditation releases the ‘Soma’ molecule from within giving you bliss, connection and the peak human experience.

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