Each one of us is a work of art.

Breathe. Reveal. Heal.

Learning how to best nurture ourselves and find balance in our lives is an art form. The body is always speaking to us and consciousness is expressing itself through us in every moment of every day. The art of wellness teaches us how to listen to this language and respond.
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patty turgeon

Patricia Turgeon

Empowerment Coach / Group Facilitator

There is a divine spark within all of us that radiates the purest light. This is what I came to know at a the age of 15 after a profound healing experience that changed my life forever. I experienced a glimpse of the  collective divinity that resides in all of us and upon waking, the “incurable” disease that had been weighing me down was lifted and replace with a pure sense of joyous presence.  From this moment on, I knew  my purpose in life would revolve around rekindling the essence of our divine nature through self-remembering. This experience initiated the path that has led me to this space.

Two years ago, a heart attack triggered a similar awakening moment. I was inspired to move from my home in Denver, Colorado to a small health conscious island in Thailand to immerse in nature and become a life -time student of healing arts. Over the past year, I have  experienced and witnessed profound healing through breathwork, healing foods, movement and sound. I look forward to sharing everything I have learned to assist in the dance from contraction to expansion.

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Pranayama is the magic of conjuring – states of being, deep releasing, the necessary melting-into consciousness that we so deeply crave when we notice we’re feeling alone.

Experience a 5 Minute Relaxation Session Now!

The 2-4 Relaxation Breath

  • 30 rounds of inhales and exhale.
  • Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breath in a smooth and relaxed manner. Eliminate the pause between the inhale and the exhale. Each exhale feels like a letting go.
  • Keep the spine straight and allow the rest of the body to be fully relaxed as you breath.
  • When we extend our exhalation we are activating our body’s parasympathetic nervous system which is our natural rest and relaxation mode that allows the brings the mind and body into a state of calm.

— Pranayama is Medicine for the Mind, Body & Spirit —

My sessions are customized to fit your unique needs

Conscious breathing practices can be a powerful therapeutic practice to gently open the channels and release dense, stagnant energy preventing a pure harmonic energy flow with the body. Here are some of the benefits that can be experienced from the various prana flow practices I love to share:

Aid positive self-development
Remove inharmonic frequencies
Build resiliency to stress
Increase Energy
Stimulate Creativity
Boost Immunity
Develop or increase self-awareness
Increase confidence and inner fire
Intuitive Activation

— Choose an Option That Best Suits YOU —

Self-Empowerment Offerings

SOMA Breathwork Group Sessions

SOMA breathwork has been a massively impactful tool in my personal healing process and it one of my most precious gifts that I can share with people looking to make a shift in their life. I teach 1 on 1 personalized online sessions and facilitate group sessions at workshops and festivals throughout the world.

SOMA 21 Day Awakening Journey

Join the 21 Day SOMA Awakening Journey to experience a true alchemical process of rapid transformation to propel you beyond any limiting beliefs or conditioning holding you back from the experiencing and living in the radiance and wisdom of your true nature. You will learn to connect with the deepest desire of your heart and begin to take inspired action towards living your average perfect day.

Private Coaching

I offer a unique combination of approaches to gently raise you up to see the version of yourself that you that is waiting to be seen with clear eyes. Together we will illuminate the shadows and limiting beliefs holding you back and elevate your emotional state to match the frequency of the reality that is awaiting to be fully embodied.

SOMA Breathwork Group Workshops

I am available to host group workshops, retreat appearances, festivals and private group sessions.
  • Open up to deep insights
  • Expand your reality tunnel to see clearly through the shadows
  • Experience a gently harmonization of the body, mind and spirit

Anyone who needs to take a breath, a break, a moment to feel the benefits of stillness and quietening the inside and the outside noise to deepen the richness of participation in breath, in “the heat of yoga” practice. Those who want less struggle and desire more ease, grace and vibrancy. Come as you are, where you are right in this moment, see you there.

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