VisionQuest Masterclass

In this Free Masterclass, you will Gain Clarity on Your Unique Gifts & Purpose Driven Vision - a Reflection of The path Life Has Gifted You.

Activate your vision with a powerful breathwork meditation that uses the power of your creative imagination to see, feel and sense how you want to express your uniqueness to serve those who need you most.

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Free 60 MinTraining

Block out 60 mins in a distraction-free zone to dive deep into your vision.

Immersive, 3D Sound

Use headphones or earbuds for an immersive sound experience.

Learn & Experience First-Hand The Magical Life-Changing Benefits Of Combining Breathwork, Music & Visualization To Gain Insights from Your Inner Guru

This is a short sample Breathwork session to experience it for yourself. We will do a longer session on the webinar which is very powerful when done in a group!!!

Conscious breathing, uplifting music and guided mental imagery are powerful modalities on their own, but when combined in a daily practice, magic happens. We can upgrade the beliefs that limits us as we start to connect with the source of who we truly are.

Here are just some of the life-changing benefits and results you can expect when you start practicing what you’ll learn in the Masterclass:

  • Boost your immunity against infections, health challenges & negative energy that drains your energy.
  • Heal, rejuvenate & recover much faster in times of challenge
  • Start feeling really good about yourself, your present & your future.
  • Calm Your Mind and Start the Day from a Peaceful State
  • Start enjoying & living your life with energy every day.
  • Have more youthful energy for yourself, family, work, adventures & everything else that matters.
  • Elevate your intuition & ability to solve various life challenges in new, creative ways.
  • Improve your memory, attention & brain’s cognitive abilities.
  • Become more self-confident & courageous.
  • Improve your overall performance & focus at workspace.
  • Embody a higher sense of self-worth, self-love & self-acceptance.
  • Experience a supreme sense of unity, oneness & belonging.

About Your Guides,

    Patty & Kelly Turgeon

patricia turgeon
Patty Turgeon

Holistic Soul Alignment Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Breath Therapist

Patty is a soul-centered entrepreneur dedicated to embodying a high vibrational field of existence that prioritizes health, soul-aligned living and helping others create a life of freedom and purpose.  Patty supports visionaries gain clarity on their unique gifts, talents and potency points to step into a their new identity that is a direct reflection of the inner most expression that longs to be expressed and infused into every area of life.

Kelly Turgeon

Soul Path Accelerator Coach & SOMA Breath Transformational Coach

Kelly is a soul-centered entrepreneur that broken free of the corporate grind and is passionate about helping others to do the same. Kelly supports soul seekers ready to answer the call of stepping into a life that is truly soul nourishing, meaningful , deeply fulfilling. and aligned with what truly lights up their soul.  She integrates her business expertise, with mindfulness and breathwork to create the inner resonance  & lasting fulfillment.  

Check Out What People Are Saying About Their Experience

"I have a new found joy for life and see the potential of bringing my inner work to the world.

"I felt so alive in my body.. The grief transformed into this amazing joy..."

"This is the most transformational course I have every taken."

Here’s What People Are Saying About Their Experience

" Simple yet deeply powerful " 
I loved attending Patty's guided breathwork sessions. Her voice and words are simple yet deeply powerful and always ring the perfect notes to bring awareness to what is needed.

- Christian Doe

"We create with breathe, so it feel easy"
The inner question take us back to our heart and talk to yourself through tthe breath, so it seems easy to create, with ease and with breathe.

- Helene Coloumbe

" I felt deeply held, safe and connected "
Patty is the embodiment of divine grace. I loved being in her ceremonies. I felt deeply held, safe and connected. Her beautiful essence, presence and words will take you on a magical journey into deep knowingness.

- Barbara Lane

"the most amazing and transformative things I have ever done "
This course is truly of the most amazing and transformative things I have ever done in my life. Patty and Kelly have very gently helped me break through my fears and resistance to become the best version of myself.

- Elisa Galley

"A Special Gift"
Patty has a special gift of listening beyond the words that are being spoken to her and connecting the the meaning behind them to open up new ways of seeing, being and receiving.

- Marie Jones

"Showed me how to access this innate aspect of myself"

Kelly and Patty brought me to this door, opened it and showed me how to open it, this is way that you access this innate aspect of myself, and allow you to go forth and do the same through breathwork and various modules, each one uncovering deeper aspects of myself.

- Marie Jones

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