A Simple Breathing Technique to Instantly Balance and Harmonize Mind, Body and Spirit

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The 2-4 Relaxation Breath

  • 30 rounds of inhales and exhale.
  • Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breath in a smooth and relaxed manner. Eliminate the pause between the inhale and the exhale. Each exhale feels like a letting go.
  • Keep the spine straight and allow the rest of the body to be fully relaxed as you breath.
  • When we extend our exhalation we are activating our body’s parasympathetic nervous system which is our natural rest and relaxation mode that allows the brings the mind and body into a state of calm.
You have the ability to tune your breath to encourage the release of feel good hormones in the mind and body. When you begin to alter the levels of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in your bloodstream along side other reactions you can stimulate the release or activation of hormones and neurotransmitters. Dopamine (the reward hormone), Serotonin (the happy chemical) and Oxytocin ( the love neurotransmitter) are a few that will increase your energy levels and elevate your mood in minutes! All can be done by just using your breath.

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The body doesn't actually like too much oxygen. It can have negative effects on your muscles and tissues. It is important to train your body in using less oxygen so it can become more efficient. Through breath control you will increase red blood cells, increase blood flow, reduce oxidation leading to more strength and stamina. There is a reason athletes train in high altitude. You can do the same from the comfort of your own home while using proper breathing methods.
Your breath directly influences your nervous system. If you are shallow or over breathing you could be creating a stress response to your mind and body. Learn how to relieve stress, maintain stress and build up a resilience to stressful situations. All by controlling the way you breathe!

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