WHEN: MAY 13TH-MAY 15th, 2022

In this 3 day retreat we will journey within using a beautiful pairing of SOMA therapeutic breathwork techniques, self inquiry, movement and intention. Join us to transform tension and resistance and connect to your unique gifts and talents; leaving this retreat with a powerful set of self-healing tools that you can integrate into your daily life to become the radiant embodiment of your highest divine expression.

Pillars of the Retreat

Our intention for the creation of this retreat is to open the doorway to deeper peace, relaxation and soul aligned energy through the portal of the breath. Come home to your truest expression of the love you are here to share.

The Power of the Breath to Increase Health, Happiness & Vitality

We will dive deep into a variety of SOMA therapeutic breathing techniques that can be applied to daily live to bring harmony, peace and clarity into your life.

Raise Your L.O.V.E (Level of Vibrational Energy)

Learn how to leverage the power of rhythmical breathing, sound and movement to raise your vibration to see beyond limitations and resistance and attract soul-utions.


Realign the Subconscious Mind 

Learn to bring awareness and acceptance to the limiting beliefs and other forms of resistance that hold the keys of wisdom that will reveal the way to embody the full expression of who you are.

Life Visioning & Quantum Creation 

As you connect to and remember your signature energy, knowing it is safe to be you and that you can trust yourself, you will be able to vision, create and live from the present moment based on your internal intuitive compass.

You can’t wait for that healing to feel wholeness. You have to feel wholeness for that healing to occur.”

A Gift That Will GIve Back To YOu For the Rest of YOUR Life

During the retreat, we will be diving into SOMA therapeutic breathing practices, life visioning, mindset coaching, yoga, pranayama, meditation, journaling and quantum realignment. The result is a deepened connection to the wisdom of our heart, bringing clarity into your unique gifts, passions, and inspiration for living a life of true fulfillment. 

Who It This Retreat For:

- Those feeling a call to make an identity shift and expand your reality tunnel to new possibilities aligned with the vibration of your soul

- Those seeking to infuse life with a heightened level of creativity, inspiration, passion and purpose

- Those looking to feel, happier healthier and more inspired

- Those feeling stuck and ready for a mind-body-spirit reboot. . - Those who feel they have one foot in the old world and one in the new but lacking the clarity on the vision and a daily practice to move you forward

- Those who are either new to meditation or have had years of experience, but feel a call to go deeper to create inner and outer resonance

- Those who know it is your birthright to achieve holistic health and happiness, but lack the clarity on the tools to get there

Venue & Accommodation

You can expect for every detail to be attended to with love. Peaceful spaces to rest, relax and unwind after a full day of self exploration and connection. Possibility of an individual or shared luminous and large room. You will stay in a traditional family Portuguese home where you can feel home away from home. You will be served meals fresh from the garden to table organic everyday. A homy experience perfect for this retreat.

Pricing & Payment





A $300 booking deposit is required to save your spot in the retreat. There are only 12 spaces available in the retreat so we encourage you to save your spot in advance.





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Retreat Hosts

Patricia Turgeon

Patricia Turgeon is a SOMA breath Master instructor who is passionate about sharing the power of breath and mindset work to create lasting transformations that align clients with their soul path. Patty has been guiding the 21 Day Awakening Protocol for the past 2 years supporting hundreds of students form around the world in their unique awakening journeys.  Patty is dedicated to helping others learn how to use the power of mind and physiology to experience the richness of one's fullest potential. 


Helene Coulombe

Helene is a Master Instructor with SOMA Breath. Instructor, Yoga teacher and equestrian offering.


Experience a SOMA Breath Session 

 Try this short SOMA Breath session to experience a taste of how your breath is a portal to create peace within, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged for your day.

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